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The Roots of Tonia's Kitchen


Tonia King began honing her culinary techniques as a little girl in Pennsylvania, helping her mother prepare dishes for a traditional (and hungry!) Italian family. Mama Nestico instilled a deep appreciation for proper ingredients and techniques in her young assistant. After graduation from Boston's Berklee College of Music, Tonia took advantage of the Hub's rich blend of ethnic cuisines and fresh food markets, experimenting with new dishes, and discovering an eclectic mix of international cooking. As time passed, it became a new tradition for Tonia to host dinners for an ever-growing (and ever-hungrier) circle of musicians, friends, family and colleagues.

Tonia King

Simultaneously, Tonia's broadcasting career began to blossom. After cutting her teeth in greater Boston, she moved on to become a Southern New England drive-time radio personality. Her on-air work was and is still heard in markets from Philadelphia to San Francisco. Today, along with Tonia's Kitchen, her internationally syndicated "Jazz Variations" program airs on an ever-widening network of stations, and Tonia's voice can be heard on commercials, documentaries, videos and more around the world.

Tonia King has always sought ways to incorporate her love of cooking and food into her broadcast career. In 1999, she created a weekly food/cooking show on a local radio station. Excited to share her passion for food to a wider audience, Tonia's Kitchen was born shortly thereafter and went into national syndication.

Tonia is continually expanding her gastronomic repertoire, and loves nothing more than discovering new dishes, techniques, ingredients and cookbooks. Her lifelong passion for food and love of broadcasting make for a perfect recipe, uniting perfectly in America's newest food-and-cooking format radio program, "Tonia's Kitchen".

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